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Just to let you wonderful cupcake know I may make a line art version available for people to colour (I feel that this could help people learn). This is my WIP so far and Im loving how it has turned out <33

I challenged myself to draw only on one layer under an hour which is why Cupid here looks very messy. What can you all do in one layer under an hour? Please link me if you decide to try it out <33

OMG Cerise in the Hat-tastic party doll set <33 I promised myself I’d only buy core doll’s but damn it, Im breaking that promise when she comes out!!!!! A sketch because I love you all ;) also making line art for this cause I feel like it. ~~

Sorry for the rubbish sketch guy’s, this was done very quickly just for a warm up practise….. Promise I’ll draw her cuter soon.



Are you crazy?

Or stark raving sane?

And how far would you go to prove it?

At Vans Warped Tour 2014, musician, author, artist, and actress, Emilie Autumn, is honored to present her “ASYLUM EXPERIENCE”, an interactive environment featuring live musical and burlesque performances, sideshow circus attractions, and up-close-and-personal immersive theatre, all presented in her fantastical alternate reality known as “The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls”.

Upon entering the all-day-long Asylum Experience, Warped Tour guests will be thrust into a visually stunning world policed by Victorian doctors and lunatic asylum guards, where striped-stockinged inmates attempt escape (will you help them or join them?), talking rats lead you on a hunt for hidden documents that may just secure your freedom, and a mad tea party proves to be more mad than Alice could ever have imagined (ours features an authentic Victorian electro-shock machine). With multiple tents and interactive elements to choose from and explore, numerous characters to follow, and endless secrets to uncover, every visitor will have a completely unique experience impossible to recreate. Audience participation is taken to a new level as the lines between performer and observer are completely blurred.

In the middle of the Asylum Experience festival area lies “The Cell”, the main stage where Emilie and her glittering cast of lunatics will present her musical extravaganza stage show twice daily before being kidnapped and put back in their cages.

Emilie’s personal mission of raging individuality, aggressive creativity, and social defiance through art finds her perfectly aligned with with the Vans Warped Tour’s punk manifesto.

This summer, Emilie Autumn invites you to do the right thing and turn yourself in to the Asylum. She’ll take…good…care of you…

Appearing at Warped Tour on:
June 18 - Mesa, AZ
June 19 - Las Vegas, NV
June 20 - Pomona, CA
June 21 - San Francisco,.

Oh man, me want to go >_< but I cant get to america in time!!! damn it!!!!!

I am so sorry for the delay’s guy’s been super busy >_< plus still getting used to manga studio, I have not used it in a while so Im rusty. Not sure about how the white rabbit’s face is going :/ please tell me how you feel about it.


So I think it’s defiantly worth me announcing that I will be gathering many frequent question’s and bundling them up in a youtube video for you all. So now is the time to ask any question’s, THEY CAN BE ANYTHING! and if they are striking, they may be indeed chosen and answered personally by myself wearing something completely adorable and crafty to be ensured. If you are interested in asking a question, please send me the question via fan mail or ask. Very excited to here from you all and of course having you participate in my first ever recorded Q&A. x 

Im trying my best, but not getting very far with it….. I have doodled some sailor moon sketches also for you all. For now, a sketch of the white rabbit eah concept going around atm. I swear mattel, if you do not use this design, meownyo will cry >_< SHE IS GORGEOUS, MATTEL USE HER!!!!! please?

I so wish my motivation was ticking, but man I feel so down at the moment everything is a mission. I will be back drawing soon guy’s, just need help to kick my motivation a bit. Idea’s? atm Im addicted to fairy kei, lolita, ponies, eah, mh and sailor moon. also any female game beauty’s, ANYTHING, PLEASE REQUEST!!!!!! any idea’s?

Hi there! I was wondering if you by chance had a livestream channel? :)

Hi hi :D I used to, but didn’t go far with it. I may consider making one again as Ive been having a lot of interest from fan’s. I dont know yet though as I have this weird nerve thing when I have an audience watching…. I dunno…..